Save History and Freedom

Love horses? Love history and the wild west? Preserve it by saving the wild horses and burros.

Help us donate to a great cause and to the true love of horses. With every purchase, EC Western Gear will donate to America's Mustangs and to the Wild Horse and Burro program.

To send donation directly to the Bureau of Land Management:

BLM, Save the Mustangs Fund
1849 C Street, NW, Room 5273
Washington, D.C. 20240.
Please make your checks payable to: "Save the Mustangs Fund."

Herded by Helicopter \

For more information on the Wild Horse and Burro program, visit the Bureau of Land Management.

The Mustang Heritage Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) public, charitable, nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating successful adoptions for America’s excess mustangs and burros. Our program areas focus on adopters, philanthropists, youth and horse training professionals.

Since 2007 the Mustang Heritage Foundation has placed nearly 5,000 BLM held mustang into private care through training and gentling programs.

To donate directly to Mustang Heritage click here.

EC Western Gear Mustang Heritage Team Page

If you are interested in adopting a Wild Mustang, please complete the application here.